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  • “Before talking to Rachel, I was in a really dark place for a long time.”
  • “The best way to describe the start of my personal grief journey before I met Rachel would be ‘in the fetal position.’ I was trapped in a hamster wheel of self-hate, spinning around with no exit toward growth.”
  • “Rachel understands the power of community, because no one should go at this life alone. Working with her you will find a network of love, kindness and support. She is the most passionate healer I have ever come across- healing is her life’s work and she will help you understand that your personal healing journey is your life’s work too.”
  • “In SO many ways Rachel has helped me heal, and still continue to do so, daily. In every way you can imagine. Emotionally, Physically, Mentally. I am a living testament of how Rachel’s love and light heals.”
  • “Working with Rachel is pure joy.  She oozes confidence and vitality and humor and grace…and love.  She genuinely cares.  She leads by example.  She is never patronizing.  She’s firm, but kind.  Rachel actually makes me happy.  How often can we say that about someone? Especially in the midst of PTSD!! But Rachel makes me happy.”
  • “Rachel’s x-ray soul vision is laser-sharp, her heart is gentle, her words truthful. Rachel is the kind of mirror the world needs. I think it is amazing that I can be laughing with Rachel one moment, and full of tears in the next. She has a way of pulling vulnerability out that is uncanny.”
  • “Sign on!!!!! This is one miraculous lady.  A kindred spirit.  The sheer relief of finding someone who actually ‘gets it’! Rachel is highly intelligent and has great empathy.  She tells her own story willingly and with humor.  She listens.  She doesn’t judge.  Rachel is a healer. I cannot express my gratitude enough for Rachel’s counsel.”  Schedule Appointment