Sedona Soul Adventures: the personal retreat, part 5

Let’s recap:

Day 1 of Sedona Soul Adventures included 2 sessions that each lasted over 2 hours. I was so emotionally exhausted that I stumbled out of Divyo’s beautiful home to drive on autopilot straight back to the Sky Ranch Lodge, forgetting to eat.

No big deal. Miraculously, there is a restaurant at the end of the “street” behind the hotel. I grabbed a table for one and ate food that did not appeal to me while journaling. I had SO much information to write down. 

Back at the hotel, I FaceTimed my husband and told my son some pretty amazing bed time stories. Afterwards, I journaled for two more hours before falling asleep.

Day 2 of Sedona Soul Adventures also included 2 sessions and my first actually took place in my hotel room. Thank god I sprung for the executive suite.

Shamanic Astrology.

What does that mean?!!!

I don’t know. I was super excited and peed like a million times before she arrived.

Jeannie is so pretty. I loved everything about our experience together. Especially what she said as she walked through the door:

Follow your intuition!

When Jeannie described the mistake she had made in deciding which way to drive through the parking lot, my eyes got HUGE as I exclaimed to her:


“I know,” Jeannie said, “I have been here many times and I knew the way, but I didn’t listen to my intuition and I did exactly what you did so that I could come up here and tell you, Rachel: FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION!”



Thank you.

Jeannie prepared a chart representing what the alignment of planets and stars was at the exact moment of my birth. As she explained the chart to me, I thought to myself: what the hell is she talking about…

shamanic astrology

I am Mother Earth. (If you could read this chart, you would know that).

Furthermore, Jeannie was able to accurately tell me exactly what kind of man I am interested in sexually by looking at this chart. Wow. Hello shamanic astrology…

The most important part of our 3-hour conversation though, was Jeannie’s insistence that my chart was very special; the numbers, the planets and the symbols all repeat.

So what—doesn’t everybody’s chart have the same number going around the circle?

No!!!!  Those numbers around the circle of the chart are usually all different.

Not only is it unique that I have the same number going all the way around my circle, but the number itself is significant: 29. 

I think that’s so neat because my son was born on the 29th of January.

Meanwhile, Jeannie emailed me one week after our session with some research she had done on the 29th degree, a critical degree in astrology, because she wanted me to understand.

I do too because, from what I can gather, I am going to soul graduate. I know it. All I have to do is get it right this time on Earth. How motivating is that?!

Stay tuned for the next Part of this Sedona Soul Adventures series—you do NOT want to miss the next session!

And if there are any other Shamanic Astrologers out there who want to throw in their two cents on what my chart means to them, PLEASE PLEASE DO SO! Though I practice following my intuition, I am still all about that guidance.



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Sedona Soul Adventures: the personal retreat, part 4



Ok now where were we…


Right, it’s Sedona Soul Adventure day one and I have just finished my first session.


I now have about 45 minutes to eat and get to my second and final session of day one.


What I really want to do is go to sleep. The first session blew my mind too many times for me to even know what to do next. I drove along route 89 totally confused about where I was going or why. I had to start gently talking to myself:


“Ok, Rae, you can eat whatever you want for lunch, I will take care of you, you are fine…”


I pull over at this Deli I have already passed twice and force myself to go inside even though I do not feel like this is the place for me to eat. I order 2 slices of pizza to go even though I have no place to go and I have to pee really bad.


In a fog, I eat the gross pizza in my car in the Deli parking lot and then I get out and walk over to a grocery store so I can go pee. I look at the grocery items on my way out like…maybe I will buy something…but ultimately I keep going because I have no idea what to buy or why.


Back in my car, I journal until it is time to make the short drive to my second session, Family Constellations, whatever that means…





First of all, her name is Divyo and her home is amazing. The views from her huge living room window will make you reconsider your life. Divyo has this fantastic German accent that I felt enhanced our session, as many of my family members are of German descent and this session was supposed to be about my family through the generations…


…or maybe it’s because I spent a semester in college with a German exchange student trying to master a German accent for the musical Cabaret…and the following semester I cast that same German exchange student to play the Therapist in the one-act play I directed, Women and Wallace…hmmmmmm….


There are many brightly colored pillows lining the wall of her healing room. Divyo invites me to sit in one of her matching leather chairs as she steps out of the room. Immediately, I decide to wrap up in her big fuzzy blanket while she is gone. Divyo’s husband brings me a glass of water and I admit, in case he is blind, that I have decided to use the blanket. He approves. Divyo returns and is pleased about the blanket as well.


We begin the 2-hour session with Divyo explaining Hellinger’s Constellation Therapy Model. I can sum that all up by saying: wow, it’s really not about me. It’s not. DNA, man. Trauma transfers genetically, it’s science. The things that bother your parents will both you, too. This is why it is so important to consider your issues before you have children.




First, Divyo asked me to pick out 2 pillows to represent my parents. Next, she had me pick out pillows to represent all of the offspring between my parents, especially the offspring that did not make it. We then repositioned and spoke at length about my family structure and how we all agreed to come here and be a family before we were even born. The struggles are lessons we all agreed in advance to experience to learn together from each other.




The content of this session is private, so I will leave the 5 pages of notes in my journal to myself. The outcome of this session was phenomenal. Clarity, compassion, forgiveness, and best of all, unconditional love.


I love my Dad. I love my Mom. I love each and every one of my siblings. I feel and speak this truth from my heart every day. I love my family of origin at all times. Like a tree, the branches tend to grow away from each other, but family will always share roots.




In conclusion, I am grateful for my life journey. I am excited to be growing in this direction:






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Sedona Soul Adventure: the personal retreat, part 1



I have so much I want to say about my personal 3-day retreat with Sedona Soul Adventure.


Bear with me, I am a brand new person now.


It’s like the difference between this:


I’ve been uptight and made a mess,

But I’ll clean it up myself I guess

Oh, the sweet smell of success

Handle me with care.

~The Traveling Wilburys


and this:


I saw the sign

And it opened up my eyes

I saw the sign

~Ace of Base


Do you speak in song lyrics? I do…


I am a storyteller. This is part of my life purpose. I knew this and I did not know this. I know this now.


Let me back up. How did I end up going on a retreat? Great question. Well, as I told the angel guide over the phone, I’ve been crying in the bathtub–I mean–I want to know what my purpose is. What the hell am I even still doing here?


Let me back up some more. I was crying in the bathtub. Like just so sad. I felt like I had finally done it. I had successfully pushed everyone so far away, I would now be disconnected forever. Utterly alone. How?!! I was breaking up with me. I guess. Now I didn’t want to be by me. At all. It was just two weeks into my New Year’s Resolution to forgive myself and I wanted to strangle myself.


As I looked around the tub for Whitney and Bobbi Christina, I picked up my phone and googled the search terms: Sedona Retreat. Why? Because Sedona is almost a 5 hour drive from Vegas and I keep hearing about how inspiring it is to visit, like it’s a magical place or something. I also keep hearing about how creative women like to go on annual retreats to keep their inspirational juices flowing…the seed was planted within me some time ago. Sedona. Retreat.


The very first google search result was Sedona Soul Adventures. I clicked on it and discovered that the owner reminded me of me:


In January, 1999, Debra was a divorce attorney in Omaha, Nebraska, beginning her 20th year of practice. With 175 active cases, she was stressed out, burned out and ready to jump off the nearest cliff. Having been on her spiritual path since the death of her mother in 1978, Debra knew there was more. Although she was helping her clients in her practice, she yearned to be of service on a much deeper level.


Debra, you got my attention. I filled out the online form and then I called them because I could not wait to begin the process. I see myself as a recovering divorce attorney. I too yearned to be of service on a much deeper level. YEARN. As in, I don’t even want to be here if I’m not living my true purpose. Not knowing what my life purpose was, man that was kind of killing me.


The thought of leaving my son was at first unbearable. I wanted to quit before I even began. I knew that I could not go on feeling the darkness inside of me without it permeating to the rest of my family. I knew that I had to go. So I scheduled it. And then I got afraid and wanted to quit. And then I leaned into the discomfort.


My son’s main concern was a prophecy.


“Who is going to tell me stories?”




“Oh no, Mommy, you’re the best storyteller.”


Sedona Soul Adventure


I told the most epic stories to my son on FaceTime during my trip. I have the best stories to tell right now. I am an even better storyteller now than I was before I left. I have accomplished my New Year’s Resolution within the month of January. I forgave myself. I forgave everyone. I love myself. I know what my life purpose is.


I have so much more to say…bear with me.