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(10) The Best Meditation of All Time

Rachel created a FREE guided meditation that will heal you right now: click here.

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(9) Apologize = make it right

Read a great article about how to apologize: click here

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(8) One Billion Rising for V-Day

Rachel has been a volunteer activist for V-Day since 2002 and she will continue to do so Until the Violence Stops.

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(7) Relationships Never Die: The Secret Garden

Relationships range on a spectrum somewhere between severely neglected and totally connected. You’re welcome!

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(6) Thanksgiving is for Activism: Free Leonard Peltier

This video is Rachel’s son’s on-camera debut; she brought out the big guns to demand President Obama release Native American political prisoner Leonard Peliter. 37 years is long enough.

Sign the Petition to free Leonard Peltier: click here

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(5) PTSD & Rage: you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry

This video is about the connection between PTSD & Rage, illustrated by the Incredible Hulk, Firestarter, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, Teen Wolf and Meatballs.

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(4) Oh God I’m Bleeding: Godspell & Grieving

This video is about the five stages of grief and toxic relationships illustrated by the musical Godspell and television series Arrested Development.

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(3) Hug Yourself + Love Yourself = HEAL YOURSELF

Need a hug? Don’t go without! Give them to yourself.

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(2) Abortion & Dirty Dancing (A Struggle For FREEDOM) 

This video is a legal argument about how the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees equal rights to all citizens and how it is literally unconstitutional for the Supreme Court to decide only one gender (women) are not allowed to have access to life saving medical procedures (abortion). This is a legal argument that involves clips from the movie Dirty Dancing and it is done outside the Courtroom, so calm down.

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If you want to do your own research (GOOD!), read the case law:

Roe v Wade:

Planned Parenthood v Casey:

Gonzalez v Carhart:




This video is about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder recovery through a series of Mind, Body & Heart exercises from the perspective of a PTSD survivor (Rachel VanKoughnet).

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