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How to heal grief:

Tired of using your own shirt as a Kleenex? Download this grief-healing app immediately:


Grief comes from change. Start organizing your feelings to coincide with your own healing practices.

Want to feel relief from your grief right now? Download this app.

Heal your feelings of anger, depression, bargaining, denial and acceptance through mindfulness techniques like meditation, calendaring and journal exercises. Use the pie chart to help you understand where you may be getting stuck and help yourself move forward with the customizable healing techniques suggestion page.

Feel all the feelings and remember: iHeal because iFeel.

Don’t know the difference between bargaining and denial? The iHeal defines each stage of grief for your reference. The more you feel, the more you heal. The goal is to make the pie chart look like a rainbow. Acceptance is not the finish line, do not resist the other stages of grief, as this is just resistance to healing. Let go and allow yourself to heal naturally. Good grief indeed.

how to heal grief

iHeal because iFeel is now available for android devices, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

how to heal grief

Yes! Grieving is good.

Watch this video:

Read what Rachel has to say about this video: click here

Relationships never die. How comforting is that?!

Watch this video:

Read about the making of this video: click here / Read Rachel’s BONUS musings about this brilliant epiphany: click here

Want to give someone a heart to heart hug right now? Enjoy my FREE guided Meditation:


how to heal grief


Ho’oponopono Heals! Thank you, I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me. Ask Rachel VanKoughnet to make you an original piece of her healing art today: (Click here).


how to heal grief

You have the power to heal your own trauma. Everything you need to do, all of the answers, lie within you. Listen to yourself. For tips on recovery exercises, watch this video:



Read about the making of this video: click here



Did you know that PTSD and Rage go hand in hand?




Do something constructive with that knowledge. Watch this video:



Read about the making of this video: click here



Need a hug? Of course you do!


how to heal grief


Watch this video:



Read about the making of this video: click here



Journaling is Rachel’s favorite daily healing exercise. Regularly journaling your feelings can be life changing. Don’t know how to journal? Check out this e-course offered by SARK (click here).

how to heal grief

Journaling taught Rachel that her voice matters. Yours does too. Start journaling today. Write your feelings down on a napkin if you have to. This original artwork by Rachel VanKoughnet is available for sale as a journal; check it out (click here)



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Questions about how to heal yourself? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s talk about grief; I feel you.

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