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Rachel VanKoughnet is a mixed media artist with a penchant for orchids and haikus about relationships. Don’t know how to say you’re sorry? Apologize to your loved ones with an original piece of Rachel’s powerful Ho’oponopono Healing Art:


The Ho’oponopono Prayer will heal you. Believe it.

A Hawaiian prayer of reconciliation and forgiveness.

When you feel dark, repeat these words:

I love You

I’m Sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank You

Say these words over and over until you feel light.

The order does not matter. You can let go.

You are made of light. You are loved.



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Most noteworthy: Forgiveness is a practice.

Once upon a time, about 30 years ago, a miracle took place at the criminal facility for the mentally insane in Hawaii. This facility needed a miracle, too. Staff turnover was frequent due to violent sneak attacks from the inmates. So desperate to hire a new psychologist, the facility agreed to the terms stated by Dr. Hew Len:

He would not meet with any of the inmates.

The facility agreed to this! To hire a doctor to treat the inmates upon the condition that he never have to actually meet the inmates–seriously?!

Yes. This doctor arrived, went to his office, never met with the patients and then…

drumroll please…

The inmates started to get better. Like a lot better. They improved remarkably. Dramatically. The inmates began to change for the better and eventually every single one of them was released from the facility. Free to go home.



Thank you for asking. This is the whole point of my story. The doctor was practicing the Ho’oponopono prayer of forgiveness: Thank you, I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me.

He was reviewing the files of the inmates. File after file of murder, rape, murder, rape and he was asking HIMSELF: What have I done in my life that I am now being presented with this?

Please forgive me

I’m sorry

Thank you

I love you

Dr. Hew Len forgave himself. He felt his way through all the feelings (horror, disgust, fear, anger, sadness, despair, compassion, hope, remorse, gratitude and love) for healing purposes.

Especially relevant: I’m pretty sure this requires empathy.

em·pa·thy /noun
the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Forgiveness is a practice.

As a result, I carry this story with me. Consequently, I believe in the healing power of the Ho’oponopono Prayer because I have seen it and felt it for myself, through my artwork. Mixed media acrylics, ink, paper, orchids and the power of my prayer.

Rachel VanKoughnet Makes Ho’oponopono Healing Art

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