TURN DOWN FOR WHAT: The National People’s Party


Listen, I have to tell you something:


When I was in Law School from 2003-2006, the Professors, school administrators, the Dean and many of the guest speakers kept repeating the same thing over and over:


“Do not pursue an area of law that you feel passionate about.”


No way. Why?


Do you really want to do this? Ok, the context usually came down to a “you won’t feel comfortable asking your clients to pay you and you’ll go broke” with a side of “it will burn you out.” Either way, just don’t do it.


Here’s the thing:


Every single time that was said, my radar went off. What does that mean? It means I felt called out…after all, I pursued law school because of my passion and could not imagine suddenly dropping it like it’s hot to pursue some drab area of law that did not fuel said passion.


What did I do?


I became very still and made a tally for every time it was said. I looked around the room and tried to read my classmates’ facial expressions and body language to see if anyone else thought that was a bizarre thing to repeatedly keep telling all of us. Everyone was on their laptops playing games, pretending to take notes.  “Do not pursue an area of law that you feel passionate about” was said so many times during my tenure at law school that it qualifies for brain washing.





I was the President of the Progressive Law Society for my second and third years at law school. During my third year, I organized a road trip with ALL the other law students at my school who wanted to attend Yale Law School’s Rebellious Lawyering Conference, or RebLaw.  Can you believe ALL 4 of us could fit into one car?




That was almost 10 years ago. The United States Supreme Court has made a lot of erroneous decisions since then. Too many.


Are there any other lawyers out there like me who went to law school to actively pursue equality, justice and social improvement?


It would be great to meet you…


The National People’s Party has created an altruistic legal networking hub on Instagram called @npp.legal.  If you search or hashtag your own legal activism #npplegal you will see that there are attorneys who CARE about the things that matter: justice, equality and humanity.




September has been a rough month for me…I’ve been spending some time holed up in my closet, but I came out with a new YouTube Video today specifically to say: I support the National People’s Party.


zia meaning


It’s a DANCE VIDEO so….you’re welcome.






Come As You Are

I have a dream.

I dream of a world where human beings are not defined by their gender.

There I said it.

Feels good to get that out. I get in trouble a lot for saying these things. I actually have been randomly receiving a lot of hate for BEING a feminist. There is this “anti-feminist” movement online that has been following me pretty aggressively and, as you can see by their title, they are “anti-ME.”

That hurts.

I know it shouldn’t but…

I mean come on! It’s not ok to be a part of a group that is anti or against a group of human beings. As a feminist, I am a human being and I am not against a group of other human beings. Contrary to “anti-feminist” rhetoric, feminists don’t hate men. That’s absurd. I am married to a man and I made a son. I love these men. I would give my life up for them without hesitation. It wouldn’t even occur to me to pile up men into a group and then express hatred toward that group; that has a very nazi prison camp feel to me. Nazis hate a big group of people, too. The KKK hates a big group of people. Anti-feminists hate a big group of people. That’s unsettling.

IMG_6139 IMG_6137

Took my son to the park this weekend and posted this picture of us on Instagram. This is the comment I provoke:

“Feminism is a sign of being weak. Your weakness will be used against you. You have been selected to be on trial of committing acts of treason if found guilty your instagram account will be band {ha ha} by reports of over 300 jurors in our internet trial court.”

I added the “ha ha” to the quote above because I think nafu_1st_ar meant to say “banned” instead of “band.”  Not because I am in any way laughing at the person who uses a nazi flag for their profile pic. That’s not funny.

I am going to be me no matter what. Even if your end game is to line up all feminists into a gas chamber, I won’t betray who I am. I am GRATEFUL to the feminists (men and women) who fought for my RIGHT to vote from 1777-1920. I will continue to express gratitude for that. Many lives were lost so that women could vote and I am grateful. If you think that I should die for that, bring it. Until then, as a sociologist and lawyer, I will use all my resources to undo the legal mess that took place between 1777-2014 as a result of REAL OPPRESSION. If you want to stop me, good luck. I don’t hate you. I’m not against human beings.

Come as you are.


But don’t bring me your hate, I won’t carry that weight.



Instead of coming onto my page and muddying up beautiful family time park pictures, explaining how I am “weak,” just keep moving along, you don’t have to bother with me.  Obviously, if I’m so “weak,” right?  What’s the point?

LOVE always wins.



An INFJ / Empath goes to the Park


What’s it like to be an empath?


No one has ever asked me.



a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.



Whoa–that’s interesting…then what’s it like to be an INFJ / empath???


Wow, another great question I have never been asked before…




This Haiku/Meme I made and included in my previous blog post is probably only understandable if you are an empath/INFJ, so I will explain the answer to this long overdue question with an example from this weekend:


Weekends are for family time. My husband and I took our toddler to the Paseos Park on Saturday for a change of pace and to check out the cool water feature. Ah, leaving the house…here we go…


The moment we approached the water area, my emotional space was invaded by a little boy of about 9 years old. He was running with his 3 little friends, slipped on the water and hit his head HARD on the concrete right at my feet. 


The sound his head made…a human being should not hit their head that hard.


The moment he fell it was like he physically jumped inside my body and I felt his fear, his confusion and his pain. My eyes went WILD, scanning the park for his mother, his father, someone who looked startled that he had fallen. No one would look at me. His three friends stared at him wide eyed as he slowly got up, in a daze and put his pudgy little hand to his head. I already knew what would happen and it was painful to watch. The little boy fought a difficult inner battle and lost to his tears; he was disappointed in himself for breaking down and crying.


About three seconds had gone by and that was way too long for me. I reached my arms out to the wet, topless, unknown 9 year old boy and said, “come here, sweetie.” 


That’s right, I hugged a stranger–a wet, topless stranger.  I mentioned in one of my YouTube videos that I am empathetic and will hold anyone’s hand who needs it. Well, when it comes to children, I up the ante and will hold you to my bosom.


He didn’t even fight it. He allowed me to gently pull him in, place his injured head against my chest and rub/pat combo his naked wet back while I told him: “I am so sorry that happened to you, you hit your head really hard and I’m so sorry that happened to you.”


While I did this, I continued to scan the f***ing park for his parents. No one will look at me. One of the boy’s three friends, the smallest one, finally asks: “should I get his dad?”


YES! I say way too exasperatedly to the small child, like what is wrong with you?!  


That child never comes back and eventually the little boy pulls out of my hug and goes to sit down. In the middle of the water park. Alone. 


I go over to a park bench. EXHAUSTED. My son, stands in between my legs resting his head on my right knee, hugging my leg, looks up at me and says “I love my mommy.”


I can see it in his eyes, my son really loves me. 


I pick my boy up for a big hug and kiss and tell him his mantra; the one I tell him at least 100 times per day:


I love you, Jackson, you are my son, I am your mommy, I take care of you, you are a good boy, kind, smart, angel I love you.


My son repeats these words back to me as I whisper them into his ear, all the while I am staring at the little tear-stained 9 year old boy all by himself in the middle of the water park and wondering why why why why WHY has no one come for him?


It gets worse.


As I sit on the bench, my husband and son venture into the water area and play for about 15 minutes. I am still scanning with my wild eyes for this boy’s guardians when a very large professional bouncer type guy walks by me super close. So close, I thought he was going to talk to me, but he didn’t even look at me. Instead, he very slowly walked toward the injured boy, his son, and sat down next to him WITHOUT MAKING EYE CONTACT. You better believe I watched the whole exchange–I felt it. The huge man sat down next to the tear stained boy and did not look at him. The little boy did not speak. At all. Still, without looking, the huge man extended his fist toward the little boy, who very quickly returned the fist bump to his father. 


That’s it. The huge man then got up and walked away. No conversation, no examination of injury, no eye contact, no body scan, no hug, no kiss, no I love you. The little boy had snot running down his nose and began to gather it in both hands. That got his Dad’s attention: “GO TO THE BATHROOM AND CLEAN YOURSELF UP,” his huge voice boomed from 10 feet away. Without looking back, the boy slowly walked toward the bathrooms with his head down. His injured head. 


The huge man then walked super close to me AGAIN and did not look at me. He was about to walk over to the pavilion he came from when my husband, god bless him, very kindly advised: “your son took a pretty bad fall, hit his head pretty hard.”


“I saw…my younger son is tougher.”


My sweet husband then took our son’s hand and walked away.


He knew. He saw the whole thing. He was sitting 20 feet away from his son, saw his son fall, saw a strange woman hold and comfort his own son and just sat there. I wonder if my hugging the boy angered his father somehow, violated some masculine rules of their household. That would explain walking SUPER close to me twice and NOT looking at me (that’s weird!). It was ok for the huge man to speak to my husband, but he had no intention of looking at me, the one who held his wet topless son.


Therefore, his son knew. That’s why the little boy didn’t walk 20 feet over to his dad to say: I’m hurt, dad. That little boy knew his dad was aware, knew his dad was not coming and knew that he was in trouble for crying. So he just sat down in the middle of the water park. And broke my heart.




Like a lightning bolt–NEGLECT!–this is the word that I feel, see and hear the whole time. I am furious, I truly cannot tolerate child abuse or neglect. 


I know, I know…it’s like some kind of cool new parenting trend to let your kids fall down and cry it out without the parents every reacting and what not. Well that’s not what I’m doing in my house. If you get hurt, I acknowledge it. If you are sad, I acknowledge it. Any feeling you have, I acknowledge it. I’m pretty sure that acknowledging reality will translate into a healthy well adjusted adult, as opposed to living in la la land where I don’t see your tears. Mommy cares.


Mommy still cares. That incident was two days ago and I still care. I am now burdened with the task of separating out which emotions were really mine and which were the little boy’s. Empath. I am now burdened with the task of making global connections between everything I have ever experienced and what happened at the park. INFJ. Exhausting.


Writing this blog has helped. 








Joan Rivers + Robin Williams = my new angels


Ever since Robin Williams went home, I have been thinking about loss (of strangers) like a gain (of angels).




I wrote this haiku for Robin Williams because I was so sad to lose him and suddenly reminded of what he taught me:






What does that mean? Well, if you’re not INFJ like me and Robin, you probably won’t understand, but I have always felt very much like an alien. Like I’m not supposed to be here. I guess that’s how Robin Williams felt, too.


INFJ I see fake people


I felt stronger having gained Robin Williams as a guardian angel, like I AM supposed to be here. Yesterday when we lost Joan Rivers, I basically grew a pair of brass balls.


Joan Rivers Pic


Joan Rivers was not a perfect person, but for me she is a symbol of ferocious tenacity. I was born in 1981 and watched Valerie get replaced by Sandy Duncan on her own show because she dared ask for a raise. I watched Roseanne get crucified for daring to demand she be properly credited as the creator of her own show. I watched very intently to see what happened to women who spoke up. I still do.


I very angrily explained to my sweet husband last night that Joan Rivers did have the CLASS to only speak highly of Johnny Carson when she appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon after nearly three decades of being banned from NBC. Johnny Carson was so angry at his protégé for daring to accept the offer of her own show with a different network (after guest appearing on his show for nearly 20 years without being offered her own show by that network) that he BANNED HER from NBC for life and now Jimmy Fallon is some hero for undoing that shortly before Joan Rivers’ death.


Hero. A hero to me is someone who will open their mouth and say what is going on regardless of the repercussions. Joan Rivers was not politically correct and she was often TRYING to shock and offend people with her outrageous comedy style, but she said what she felt and that inspires me. Too many girls and women are stifled. Oppression is stifling and often leads to depression. In order to work through my grief, I made a Joan Rivers Tribute YouTube video for my dear friend, Libby Schug. In it you will see a young Joan Rivers do stand up for Johnny Carson, a more seasoned Joan Rivers being interviewed by Larry King, and finally Anderson Cooper reading an excerpt from Joan Rivers’ book, “I Hate Everyone Starting With Me,” about her outrageous funeral arrangement expectations imposed on her daughter, Melissa Rivers. I hope you enjoy it and, more importantly, I hope you feel inspired to speak your own truth.



(I MADE this Meme AND wrote the Haiku–do you LOVE it??)




This Woman’s Work: The Blue Lagoon music video



Do you remember the movie The Blue Lagoon starring Brooke Shields?




This movie was made in 1980, a year before I was born. I watched it on television all the time growing up. To me, it symbolizes LOVE in the most pure and natural sense.


Beautiful naked bodies running around a picturesque stranded island together.


When things get too complicated, I close my eyes and picture The Blue Lagoon.


When my dear friend Libby Schug sent me her song This Woman’s Work, I nearly died.


This Woman’s Work?!


Do you remember the movie She’s Having a Baby starring Kevin Bacon??




The scene in She’s Having a Baby where they use the song This Woman’s Work has HAUNTED me for my whole life. In fact, I used the song as a sound cue for my one act play “Women & Wallace” that I directed in college and almost suffocated the entire audience from the sheer emotional beauty.


My mind went spinning in a few directions artistically but I could not commit to a music video theme for Libby so I asked her for input.


Beach lovers.


Enter The Blue Lagoon. Most beautiful beach lovers of all time.


Leave it to Rey Divine to have the right words to bridge the gap between the two concepts:





I hope you enjoy This Woman’s Work sung by Libby Schug!





PTSD & Rage: You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry


You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…


The story of the Incredible Hulk really affected me. David Banner was such a kind person until the incident that caused him to radically transform…into a monster. But David Banner, even when he was the monstrous Incredible Hulk, was actually a hero; he stopped the bad guys with his anger.




The Incredible Hulk never hurt anyone who was innocent, only the bad guys. Even as a child in the 1980’s I knew that was an incredible mental fete, as David Banner was the victim of a scientific experiment gone very wrong and was often totally out of control.


Control. I’ve always wanted it. Obviously my little girl body could not transform into the Incredible Hulk, but there was always hope. Thanks to Stephen King and Drew Barrymore.




Firestarter. Due to a scientific experiment gone wrong in both her parents, when this little girl gets angry, she starts fire with her eyes…fascinating. I practiced my glare for the rest of the 1980’s.


But glaring is not the same as the Incredible Hulk, I still felt too small…things were still out of control.




Thank god the lady from Splash got angry and transformed into a 50-foot giantess in the early ’90’s. I needed that.


By the time the early ’90’s rolled around, I was feeling totally powerless. Couple that with all the hormones and emotions of becoming a woman and understand that I felt very much like a freak.




Like Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf…before he realizes he is good at basketball.


So much hair…


Were it not for movies like these growing up, I probably never would have had my latest epiphany:


It’s ok to get angry.


It’s normal.


For many years, I got into a very nasty habit of telling myself that “I don’t get angry.” That was stupid. Of course I get angry, I am a human being; a very passionate human being. I am an empath, I am INFJ and not allowing myself to embrace my angry feelings actually made me very sick.


I’m not doing that anymore.


I made a YouTube video about PTSD & Rage. Apparently the two go hand in hand. Like peas and carrots.




As long as you do something constructive with your anger, it’s ok. Recognizing anger for what it is, enables you to choose NOT to do something destructive with your anger.  My new mantra about anger?




It just doesn’t matter. Thank you Bill Murray. Thank you Meatballs. It just doesn’t matter.


This is my story. It’s mine to tell.





I hope you enjoy my new YouTube video!







p.s. ~ follow @rey_divine on Instagram and Soundcloud

Godspell & Grieving: Oh God I’m Bleeding


When I was in middle school, Lake Shore High School put on the best production of Godspell ever. I have never seen another version. No need.




I’ve been thinking about that musical A LOT over the past year.


Specifically, the part where Jesus is crucified.


Oh God I’m Dying…


I’ve been singing it to myself for at least a year…


I have a story to tell.




So I made a YouTube video called Godspell & Grieving: Oh God I’m Bleeding.




Because I had to. I had to shut this song up, that’s enough. I’m not dying.


I’m grieving.


Feels similar, I imagine, if your death were as slow and painful as possible.




In the video I describe toxic relationships using my favorite television series: Arrested Development.




I also act out the 5 stages of grief in a loop 3 times in a row…there is a giant stuffed panda bear involved. Totally normal stuff.




I know that this story has to be told because it is haunting both my days and my nights. I’m done. If you don’t have 6 minutes to invest then hear me now:



Set boundaries that honor your personal limits and have the integrity to keep your own promises. This is life. It can be whatever you make it. Make it as kind and loving as possible.




Please let me know what you guys think of my new video and please subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss out on my next special delivery ;)






Come Rain or Come Shine (Practice Self Love)


2014 has been hard.


I made this music video for my dear friend, Libby Schug, today using the head shots I took of her last year in the Gardens next to the San Diego Zoo.






and quotes from Brene Brown:


“Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy—the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”


“Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow, a connection that can only be cultivated between two people when it exists within each one of them – we can only love others as much as we love ourselves.”
― Brené Brown


I can’t say it any better than that.


I did write another Haiku, though:



Parents don’t know how

to give children what they need;

they learn or they don’t.




HappySmartGirls interviewed ME!


I kinda want to cry right now.




I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m an empath or the empath/INFJ combo, but I am GREAT at crying.


This time I’m talking tears of JOY, maybe a little pride mixed in, too.




Tomorrow I am producing a YouTube video in an effort to heal my tremendous GRIEF. Today I am practicing GRATITUDE by acknowledging the good that comes with the bad. My activism + volunteerism chronicled in both my blog and youtube channel has caught the eyes of Happy Smart Girls!





I found HappySmartGirls on Instagram and LOVE the empowering educational, health and wellness vibe. We became fast friends and agreed to interview each other. My interview launched today and I am just BURSTING with emotion. Read it HERE. This is what my new friend said about me on Instagram:








“A genuine, authentic, real life, spirit guide.”


Ugh, yeah, I cried tears of JOY when I read this.


I look forward to conducting my interview of the BFF duo that is HappySmartGirls but am even more excited about the blossoming of our FRIENDSHIP (yay!).


Let me know what you think of my interview by clicking the “Leave a Comment” tab next to the title of this blog (right under the date), I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts :)





Vision Boards: Organization, Healing, Happiness & Success


I’m super jel right now.




This girl’s vision Board:




I know, I know, as I said in my first YouTube Video, I am in LOVE with my vision board. My husband and I made our own for 2014 after I watched Lori Harder’s YouTube video tutorial and they are really inspiring, useful and quite beautiful.




Inspiring because those index cards represent my goals, dreams and healing exercises. Useful because I stare at this all the time when I am stuck and it motivates me to try and achieve a goal, even if that goal is to just BREATHE. Beautiful because we made those index cards with our precious hands, my husband and I, and then we decorated all around it with pieces that make us feel joy. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


So what’s the problem?


Mine doesn’t have a mirror. This girl gets to put her whole self inside her vision board (genius).


Just today, my husband told me on the phone he wanted to update his vision board this weekend. Fate. I am totally going to run to the store and buy a couple lightweight mirrors, like the kind I used to have in my locker in school) and update my vision board as well. Exciting.


If you don’t have your own vision board, I recommend you at least start THINKING about what you would put on it if you did. Make a list even. Goals don’t just accomplish themselves ;)





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